Bowl of Heaven (Now The Bowl) in La Verne offers acai bowls, fruit smoothies

Jeanette Stout was driving down Foothill Boulevard in La Verne when she saw a sign that caught her eye.

“I had no idea what `bowl of heaven’ was, so I went home and looked it up online,” said Stout, CFO for Zimmer InterMed. “I liked what I saw.”

Stout, who is five months’ pregnant, learned that this family owned business featured acai bowls and smoothies made with fresh and frozen fruit including acai, organic juices and a shot of g3, a nutrient-rich juice from the gac superfruit of southern Asia.

Bowl of Heaven offers several flavor blends of bowls and smoothies including: North Shore, SeaSider, Lime-A-Licious and Dan’s Peanut Butter made with organic peanut butter and chocolate soy milk.

Each bowl mixture has the consistency of a sorbet and is made fresh to order and topped with fresh fruit, granola and organic honey supplied by Cal Poly Pomona.

There is no sugar, ice or dairy. The place is gluten free and vegan friendly.

“I came in to try it and I was hooked,” said Stout, who now visits Bowl of Heaven almost daily. “I used to worry that I don’t always get enough of the good stuff. Now I don’t worry so much.”

Bowl of Heaven opened last Halloween and is owned by friends and Phillips Ranch residents Tammy Lynne Records and Rick Sweatt and their spouses.

The couples decided to open the health-based eatery after making countless drives to Rancho Santa Margarita to visit Dan McCormick and his family, mutual friends who brought the concept to the mainland from Hawaii and opened the first Bowl of Heaven.

“Dan’s daughter was going to school in Hawaii. When she came home she told her dad about the bowls and said, `We have to get something like that here,”‘ Sweatt recalled. “She said that surfers swear by it. It’s very popular in Santa Margarita where they do about 200 bowls a day. This is not a franchise; it’s family owned. Dan has allowed us to bring the idea to the area.”

Sweatt, Records and many of their customers agree bowls can be used as meal replacements.

“They are light, filling, give energy and are a healthy alternative,” Records said. “Most people don’t have enough antioxidants, this is a great way to get in some of what you need.”

Those interested in finding out if they need additional antioxidant in their diets can have their levels checked at Bowl of Heaven with a noninvasive light scanner: $2 with the purchase of a bowl; $5 without.

Sweatt and Records believe in the product and its benefits, but Records did seek one additional source of assurance when contemplating this business venture.

“I called my mom,” she laughed. “She said it was right up my alley, and she was right. I can tell you the joy I feel when I see the smile on the face of a new customer when they take their first bite and say how good it tastes.”

February 11, 2012 at 12:00 am

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